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Continuing on the right path! Organic Follow-On Formulas (Stage 2) are designed for children about six months of age up to ten months. While the nutritional profile is similar to stage 1, stage 2 is more calorie-dense. This gives your baby more energy to move around, start to crawl and play more. 

Do you want the best start possible for your little one? All these Stage 2 formulas are strictly tested, officially certified and formulated with your growing, active baby in mind.


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Holle Organic Infant Follow-On Formula Stage 2

Holle Organic Stage 2 is a popular organic baby formula for 6+ month infants. It offers the nutrients they need without artificial preservatives or chemicals. A creamy, filling formula from one of the world’s most respected Demeter-certified organic brands. It’s safe, nutritious and full of brain-healthy fatty acids DHA and ARA. What more could a growing baby ask for?

"A formula that makes both mommy and baby happy. Best ingredients! Mixes so well, no bubbles like other formulas that cause baby gas. My little one loves this formula and I recommend to all my mommy friends!"

Leya Melnyk - Holle stage 2 customer

   Non-GMO, gluten-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free with zero added sugars, artificial preservatives, chemicals, flavors or colorings
   Made with slow-digesting, bioavailable carbs to keep your baby satisfied longer
   Made from organic skim milk from German farms that meet highest European organic standards 

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Holle Organic Infant GOAT Milk Formula Stage 2

Holle Goat Stage 2 is an organic follow-on goat milk formula designed for babies with sensitivities to cow milk. Made from delicious, full-cream goat’s milk that will give your growing baby all the goodness they need as they start to experiment with food. Naturally gentle and closer to breastmilk, goat’s milk formula is ideal for little ones with sensitive tummies. What more could a growing baby ask for?

"Switched from Similac Alimentum to this because my son wasn’t sleeping and I was running out of reasons as to why. Within 2 bottles of Holle Goats milk he started to sleep 11-12 hours a night!" 

Natalina Eisha - Holle Goat stage 2 customer

   Naturally closer to breastmilk, making it gentle and easy to digest for sensitive tummies
   Supports healthy growth and brain development
   100% free of harmful additives, including palm oil, corn syrup and GMOs. Better for your baby and kinder the planet 

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HiPP Combiotic Follow-On Formula Stage 2

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 is made in Germany using only high-quality organic skim milk. Creamy and filling, it’s made with a mild organic starch designed to keep your baby satisfyingly full while they start to experiment with food. What more could a growing baby ask for?

"HIPP provides fantastic baby formula - I love the philosophy of that company and their natural approach. Compared to US formula it doesn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients and focuses what a baby really needs."

Simone Ross - HiPP Combiotic 2 customer

   Free from harmful GMOs, unnecessary additives including gluten and synthetic preservatives and flavors
   Contains prebiotics, including lactic acid cultures originally obtained from breastmilk to support your baby’s gut health and balance 
   Made from organic skim milk from German farms that meet highest European organic standards 

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Lebenswert Organic Follow-Up Formula Stage 2

Lebenswert Stage 2 is a gluten-free organic follow-on formula with Bioland certification, one of the highest global organic standards. With few, high-quality ingredients, it's one of the cleanest formulas in the world. Made in Germany using organic cow’s milk, it provides all the goodness your baby needs as they start experimenting with food. What more could a growing baby ask for?

"My baby digests this much better than Enfamil or Similac. He is able to eat more, have more frequent bowel movements, and his weight gain has picked back up. Very pleased with the product." 

Katie Kwan - Lebenswert stage 2 customer

   Contains DHA made from fish oil – essential for healthy brain development
   100% organic, exceeds European organic regulations and meets the even tougher German Bioland standard. Great for your baby and the planet
   Free of unnecessary and potentially harmful additives including starch, soy, corn syrup and GMOs 

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HiPP Hypoallergenic (HA) Stage 2 Infant Milk Formula

HiPP Hypoallergenic (HA) Stage 2 is designed for little ones from 6 months and is the ideal choice for babies that don’t tolerate regular formula well. It’s made from the same organic cow’s milk as all regular HiPP formulas, but with the proteins broken down so your baby’s immune system can’t react to them. That means all the same nutritional goodness as other organic formulas, with less risk of allergic reactions. What more could a growing baby ask for?

"My baby’ skin was breaking out and his eyes had drainage. So I put him on this and within one day his skin and eyes cleared. He has never had even one tummy ache or adverse effect! We love this formula. Couldn’t be happier."

Joyelle Callahan - HiPP HA Stage 2 customer

   Free of harmful additives including added sweeteners, corn syrup, maltodextrin and soy
   Designed for babies who show symptoms of a cow’s milk sensitivity, or who might be prone to developing allergies 
   Made with milk from pasture-raised cows who graze on organic German farms 

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HiPP Anti-Reflux Special Milk Formula - All Stages

HiPP Anti-reflux is designed for little ones from birth upwards who suffer from reflux or regurgitation. It’s thickened with natural carob bean gum, which helps the formula stay in your baby’s tummy, reducing vomiting after feeds and helping your baby get all the nutritional goodness they need to grow healthy. What more could a growing baby ask for?

"We tried all American brand formulas with no luck in solving my child's reflux. She was screaming after every feed and then spitting up half of the bottle. With HIPP AR, she's eating with no problem and is now the happiest baby. I'm so glad I found this formula!"

Tosh Fomby - HiPP Anti-Reflux customer

   Designed for babies who suffer from reflux and regurgitation, it’s thickened with natural carob bean to help milk stay down and reduce vomiting
   May help your baby become more settled and comfortable, and supports their growth through the newborn months and as they wean 
   Made with milk from pasture-raised cows who graze on organic German farms 

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Löwenzahn Organic Infant Formula Stage 2

Löwenzahn Stage 2 is a trusted organic baby formula made from the highest-quality ingredients without artificial preservatives or chemicals. The Löwenzahn Organics formula has equal amounts of DHA and ARA which is above the EU requirement. This reduces gastrointestinal issues and promotes cognitive development. What more could a growing baby ask for?

"The formula consistency is amazing and very similar to breastmilk. My daughter loves it." 

Caroline DeSoto - Löwenzahn Organics customer

   Main carbohydrate is lactose just like breastmilk
   Without fish oil
   Contains prebiotic fibre galactooligosaccharides (GOS) 

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HiPP Comfort Special Milk Formula - All Stages

HiPP Comfort is designed for little ones from birth upwards with colic or constipation, with reduced lactose to make it easier for them to digest and helping to regulate bowel movements. It contains hydrolyzed whey protein, designed to be gentler on the stomach, even for babies with trouble breaking down other milks. What more could a growing baby ask for?

"We just made the switch to your formula from Gentle Ease and so far so good. He’s been less fussy and less congested while drinking. Thank you for making a clean, gentle, organic formula!"

Ann Marie Barry - HiPP Comfort customer

   Includes prebiotics and probiotics to help promote gut health and set your baby up for healthy weaning
   Comforting and nutritious, designed to help babies who struggle with digestion, colic and constipation get the goodness they need from their milk 
   Made in Germany using organic skim milk from pasture-raised cows, farmed using sustainable organic methods 

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