What Sets European Baby Formula Apart from US Baby Formula?

You may have observed the growing interest among parents in opting for European baby formula for their little ones. This trend isn't just a passing phase in parenting; it's a longstanding choice. Brands such as Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert have earned parents' trust for years, and this trust endures. Some parents even continue to provide European formula to their children well into their transition to solid foods. But what's the reason behind this, and should you consider it for your child? Here's a breakdown of European baby formula and the reasons it's cherished by numerous parents.

In the United States, baby formula typically incorporates synthetic vitamins and minerals. In contrast, European baby formula is crafted using authentic nutrients sourced from natural origins

The big companies that make baby formulas in the US are pharmaceutical companies. They start from the premise that added ingredients are better than nature. Following are some of the additives that are included in American standard baby formulas.

  • Corn syrup

  • Sugar

  • Corn syrup solids

  • Guar gum

  • Carrageenan

  • Lycopene

  • Lutein

European baby formula

North American baby Formula

American standard baby formulas do not contain any organic ingredients, which means these formulas are loaded with pesticides and GMOs, which have not been proven to be safe for human consumption. The first ingredient in this formula is corn syrup. In other words, highly processed genetically modified sugar. Similac and other "standard" formulas have enabled babies to be addicted to sugar from day one.

The European Commission sets exacting standards for organic baby formula. They are far stricter than US organic standards

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate organic certification. While they might offer some guidance regarding what organic should be, they don’t test or approve anything. This means private companies do these certifications. A private company certifies that its customers' products are organic. There’s a bit of a conflict of interest there.

In Europe, the European Commission certifies organic foods, including formula. There are strict standards for what can and can’t be called organic. This guarantees that what’s labeled “organic” in Europe actually meets those standards.

The European organic formulas, like HiPP, Holle and Lebenswert start from the idea that nature is excellent. We just need to make non-human milk (cow or goat) more like humans to make it perfect for babies.

Conclusion: Is European baby formula the better choice?

In conclusion, the allure of European baby formula lies in its commitment to providing a natural, wholesome alternative to the standard American counterparts. European formulas, exemplified by trusted brands like Holle, HiPP and Lebenswert, prioritize authenticity in their ingredients and manufacturing processes.

The fundamental distinction between European and US baby formulas begins with the sourcing of nutrients. While American formulas often rely on synthetic vitamins and minerals, European counterparts opt for genuine, naturally derived nutrients. This emphasis on authenticity extends to the exclusion of additives like corn syrup, sugar, and GMOs, which are prevalent in American formulas. Instead, European formulas adhere to stringent organic standards set by the European Commission, ensuring that what's labeled as "organic" genuinely meets these criteria. 

So, when it comes to choosing between European and US baby formulas, the preference for the former often stems from a dedication to providing babies with the purest, most authentic nutrition possible. Ultimately, the choice is a personal one, but the enduring trust in European baby formulas speaks volumes about their quality and commitment to nurturing the health and well-being of our little ones.

Author: Laura
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