Our Baby care products are based on carefully selected, especially skin-compatible natural raw materials, which gently soothe, nurture and protect the skin. The carefully combined combination of active ingredients of tried and tested plant extracts and oils gently supports the natural functions of your baby's sensitive skin and preserves it from drying out.

Why stop at the organic formula? Find the right product for your little one below and start using the best.

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HiPP Baby Gentle Milk Lotion
HiPP Milk Lotion was developed under the maxim to minimize any allergy risks to the lowest. Therefore it doesn't contain mineral oil, no parabens, no essential oils (because some of them are suspected to cause allergies), no allergy suspicious scents & no PEG emulsifiers. Its exceptional skin-friendliness is dermatologically tested & approved.

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Weleda Baby - Calendula Moisturising Body Cream
Rich, nourishing skin cream for baby care.

Dry skin from chafing, weather or heated indoor environments shouldn’t trouble happy baby days. Melt it away with Calendula Body Cream

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Weleda Baby - Calendula Weather Protection Cream
Protection for delicate baby skin in harsh weather.

Little rosy cheeks glow in the cold, perfectly protected with a rich, natural balm of Weather Protection Cream.

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Weleda Baby - Calendula Face Cream
Gentle moisture for baby’s exposed skin.

Support baby’s moisture balance with a little plant guidance and wisdom from nature. Comforting cream leaves baby’s face velvet-soft.

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Weleda Baby - Calendula Diaper Rash Cream
Gentle protection for delicate skin.

Pacify baby’s most sensitive area with the gentle benefits of nourishing calendula. Soothes skin and diminishes the appearance of redness from day one.

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Weleda Baby - Calendula Baby Oil
Baby-gentle body oil for rubs and massages.

A cuddle in a bottle – kind oils to cherish fragile baby skin and support baby’s delicate skin.

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