The Ultimate Guide to Löwenzahn Organic Baby Formula

Hey, parents! As someone who values organic, high-quality European baby formula, you've likely come across Löwenzahn Organics. This German-based brand has gained popularity not only in Europe but also among discerning parents in the United States. In this ultimate guide, we'll explore what makes Löwenzahn Organic Baby Formula stand out, its certifications, key highlights, and why it's a top choice for parents who want the best for their babies. (Make sure to check out our ultimate guide to Lebenswert baby formula as well).

Details Explanation on Bio-Farming and Bioland Certification

Löwenzahn Organics places a significant emphasis on the quality of its ingredients. It starts with the farming practices. The brand relies on organic farming, which means no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). But what sets them apart is their Bioland certification.

Bioland is one of the most rigorous organic farming certifications in Europe. It not only adheres to the standard organic farming principles but goes further in terms of sustainability and animal welfare. This means that Löwenzahn Organic Baby Formula isn't just organic; it's produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

Founded by Concerned Mothers

Löwenzahn Organics was born from the concerns of two mothers, Liz and Alice, who understood the importance of breastfeeding but also the challenges that can arise. Their journey began when they were new mothers themselves, searching for a starter milk that not only had the best nutrient composition in organic quality but was also produced in an ecologically responsible and fair manner. 

They insisted on a formula that aligned with the latest findings in nutritional science. To their surprise, they couldn't find a baby food brand that met all these criteria. So, they took matters into their own hands and decided to create it themselves. Their mission is clear: crafting modern organic products specially designed for moms and their babies during those crucial first 1,000 days of life.

Key Highlights of Löwenzahn Organic Formula

Now, let's get into what makes Löwenzahn Organic Baby Formula a standout choice:

  • DHA and ARA Balance: Löwenzahn Organics formula features an equal amount of DHA and ARA, exceeding the EU requirement. This balanced ratio supports cognitive development while reducing gastrointestinal issues in babies.

  • Primary Carbohydrate Source: The main carbohydrate in their formula is lactose, mirroring breast milk's composition. This makes it gentle on your baby's stomach.

  • Transparency: Löwenzahn Organics takes pride in being transparent about its production processes, offering traceable organic products.

  • No Artificial Additives: You won't find artificial preservatives, artificial nutrients, soy, GMO ingredients, corn syrup, glucose syrup, or sucrose in Löwenzahn formulas.

  • Sustainable Manufacturing: The brand's commitment to sustainability extends to its manufacturing processes.

  • EU Organic Certification: Löwenzahn Organic Baby Formula is certified organic to European standards, one of the most stringent in the world.

Different Stages of Löwenzahn Organic Infant Formula

Like other European baby formulas at OBF24, Löwenzahn Organic Baby Formula comes in different stages tailored to your baby's needs:

  1. Löwenzahn Organic Infant Formula PRE: Suitable for babies from birth to six months, it contains DHA from algae oil and organic prebiotic fibers, mirroring breast milk's composition.

  2. Löwenzahn Organic Infant Formula Stage 2: Ideal for babies aged 6-10 months, this formula continues to provide a balanced blend of nutrients for optimal development.

  3. Löwenzahn Organic Infant Formula Stage 3: Designed for babies from the 10th month onwards, it supports their evolving nutritional needs.

Each stage maintains the brand's commitment to quality, transparency, and environmental responsibility.

Why Löwenzahn Organic Baby Formula?

In a market flooded with options, Löwenzahn Organics stands out for several reasons:

  • Quality: Their formulas are developed according to the latest nutritional science.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Produced under strict European environmental guidelines, they're committed to sustainability.

  • Nutrient Composition: Löwenzahn Organics offers organic products with the best nutrient composition.

  • Support for Mothers: The brand even produces power bars to support breastfeeding mothers.

  • Innovation: Löwenzahn Organics was founded by mothers who were committed to providing the best for their babies.

  • Transparency: Their production chain is transparent, and independent safety controls ensure top-notch quality.


In conclusion, Löwenzahn Organic Baby Formula is a choice that aligns with your values as a parent—organic, sustainable, and scientifically developed to provide the best nourishment for your baby. It's more than just formula; it's a commitment to a healthier future for your child.

We are proud to offer you Löwenzahn formula in our shop. Your baby deserves nothing less than the best, and Löwenzahn Organics is here to provide it.

Author: Laura
👋 Hey,  I'm a proud mother of two wonderful children. I've been working at OBF24 for 6 years as a formula expert and am part of the customer support team. I love being able to help customers find the perfect formula for their little ones and provide support with any questions they may have. Drop me a message ›

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