Holle vs. Lebenswert: What you really need to know!

We should probably start with the lead: Holle makes Lebenswert Formula. While it’s a different line and made in different factories, Holle owns the Lebenswert brand. The major difference between the two brands is that Lebenswert takes responsible farming and practice to a new level. More than just being organic, the Lebenswert brand is also a biodynamically certified company. This means they use advanced practices that are better for the land, the plants, and the animals than standard organic farming. Holle uses Demeter farming standards, which are even more strict. This is why the Holle Formulas might be a bit more expensive; the ingredients require a slightly higher level of organic standards.

Be sure to read our article that looks at Demeter and Bioland farming in depth.

The differences, from an American perspective, are subtle and are way ahead of more American organic formulas

While there are only a few differences between these two brands, one that parents should consider is that Lebenswert Stage 1 formula doesn’t contain maltodextrin. This starch-derived organic thickener and sweetener is accepted as harmless for babies. Some parents simply aren’t a fan of another processed ingredient in their formula. Holle has maltodextrin in most of their “normal” formulas, though you’ll find it removed in some sensitive formulations they offer.

The similarities far outweigh the differences in these two labels made by the same company

Holle introduced Lebenswert as a less expensive but still high-quality organic baby formula option for parents. Holle allows parents to have a more sourceable ingredients list. There’s more information available about where each ingredient came from with Holle than with Lebenswert. Holle is a bit more expensive and contains maltodextrin in all stages, whereas Lebenswert doesn’t have it in stage 1 (but does in stages 2 & 3).

As with all of these high-quality organic brands, it usually comes down to what your baby tolerates best and likes best. Both brands are outstanding, organic, and much better than the big brand US formulas.

Author: Laura
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