HiPP Combiotic Formula Stage 1 Big Kit



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The best formula hands do...

The best formula hands down for our babies. Excellent product, excellent customer service!

Rita B. - 2018-02-13 19:03:44

If I could give Laura and...

If I could give Laura and Ben more than 5 stars I would. They really went above and beyond to make my purchasing experience one of the greatest I've had in a long time! As a holistic nutritionist, I would not hesitate to recommend the products they sell and their customer service is by far, one of the best out there. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Sabrina G. - 2018-01-17 02:40:53

Very fast and amazing tea...

Very fast and amazing team! Laura went above and beyond to help me with my order I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for her! I've told my friends and they plan to order from her! Thanks again!

Mary O. - 2016-10-02 12:43:43

Very good!!!

I'm so excited about this formula it working very good for us !!! I will recommend for all my friend !!!

Rimma - 2016-07-20 08:25:24
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HiPP Formula 1 Big Kit (32 boxes) for approx 4800oz of mixed formula


HiPP First Infant Formula Stage 1 is a nutritionally complete, whey based, gentle infant milk, which is suitable from birth onwards if baby is not being breastfed or to complement breastfeeding HiPP supplies your baby with everything it needs to complementary feeding for healthy growth. HiPP First Infant Formula 1 is specially formulated using only the finest organic milk and contains Omega 3 & 6 LCPs (DHA & AA) and PRÆBIOTIK® oligosaccharides (GOS), as well as all the important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients (required by law) that babies need to grow strong and healthy.




Why choose HiPP First Infant Formula Stage 1?


✔ From birth onwards

✔ 19200g / 677.26oz

 For approx. 4800oz of mixed formula

 Instant preparation, ready in minutes 

 Gluten Free

 No added Soya, Wheat, Peanut 

 No Maldodextrine 

 No GMO‘s

 No pesticides, no chemical fertilizer

 Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for brain development

 Suitable for vegetarians

 Vitamin A and C for a healthy immune system

 English preparation instructions

 Fast & reliable delivery 

✔ Shipping Insurance included 





With HiPP First Infant Formula Stage 1 you can rest assured you are giving your baby one of the healthiest formula options available in the world.











We are happy to help, should you have any questions or require individual help: click here

☎ 1-800-701-4303

Toll Free Service Phone for USA and Canada  




The best and safest forumlas in the world come from Germany, and HiPP is truly one of it's shining stars!

 HiPP is a family owned, German organic food company that has been bringing the world high quality, organic products since 1899. You can rest assured you are giving your baby one of the healthiest formula options available to you. Finding us means you have done the research necessary and understand how important it is for your child to receive an organic formula like Hipp to truly be at it's healthiest. 





No pesticides, no chemical fertilizer and no GMO's!

Unlike most American formulas, European Organic Formulas are produced without using any toxic substances. The ingredients are safe and natural, nutritious and whole.  

The thing that makes European Organic Formulas most unique is that they uses milk from cows raised on biodynamic (Demeter or Bioland) farms in caring and natural environments. Healthy and happy cows that can graze on lush fields and pastures.  




                          Why choose  European Organic Formula brands


 No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used to grow their raw ingredients. 


 No GMO‘s! They use only biodynamically or organically grown food. 

 A close working relationship with Demeter or Bioland certified farmers guarantees a long term supply of high quality raw ingredients. 

  They never use artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives, and they don't add refined sugar.  


  Guaranteed no use of genetically engineered ingredients.  







Klick here for Brand Comparison Chart & Ingredients Overview


HiPP Combiotic From EU Certified Organic Suitable for Vegeterians Demeter Certified Bioland Certified Prebiotics & Probiotics (GOS) Whey Starch Added Lactose Maltodextrin Soy Omega-3, ALA, Vegetable Oil Omega-3, DHA, Fish Oil Omega-6
HiPP Combiotic PRE birth
HiPP Combiotic Stage 1 birth
HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 7 month
HiPP Combiotic Stage 3 10 month



Skimmed milk1, whey powder partly demineralised1, Vegetable Oils1 (palm oil2 , rapeseed oil1, sunflower oil1), starch1, fibers (galactooligosaccharides from lactose), calcium carbonate, LCP3 oils (fish oil, vegetable oil from M. alpina), potassium chloride, L-tyrosine, vitamin C, L-tryptophan, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, vitamin E, stabilizer lactic acid, natural lactic acid culture (Lactobacillus fermentum hereditum®)4, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper lysine complex, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, vitamin B2, sodium selenate, folic acid, vitamin K, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, does not contain gluten according to German law

1 from organic production

2 from certified sustainable production

3 LCP (Omega 3&6) = long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids

4 Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716)  



Preparation instructions:

  1. Boil bottle, nipple and ring for 3 to 5 minutes before use
  2. Boil water freshly before each meal and allow to cool down to about 50°C ( 122° F )
  3. Fill the bottle with about half of the desired amount of water ( see feeding chart below )
  4. Fill the measuring spoon loose and level it with the back of a knife
  5. Fill the required amount of powder into the bottle
  6. Close the bottle and shake thoroughly. Add remaining water and shake well again
  7. Allow to cool down to approximately 37 °C ( 98.6° F ) before feeding



Feeding chart: 



Bottles per day

Ready-to drink food (ml)

Measuring spoons

Boiled water (ml)

1st  - 2nd  week





3rd - 4th  week





5th - 6th  week





7th - 8th  week





3rd - 4th  month





after 4th  month





  • Please observe the preparation instructions and the dosage ratio exactly so that your baby always gets the nutrients it needs
  • For the preparation only use the included measuring spoon
  • Improper preparation can lead to health problems
  • Prepare the food always freshly and do not use residual amounts again
  • Do not heat dairy food in the microwave (risk of scalding)
  • Take care of the dental care from the very first tooth on and do not leave the bottle with your child to avoid continuous sucking








We are happy to help, should you have any questions or require individual help: click here

☎ 1-800-701-4303

Toll Free Service Phone for USA and Canada  



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