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Should you find a lower price elsewhere within 48 hours of ordering, we will match the lower rate.

If a formula isn’t right for your baby, you’ll receive a store credit for two boxes to try another brand.

All orders are shipped using insured express delivery, guaranteeing their arrival in only 2-5 business days.

Our team of formula experts usually responds to your emails within just a few hours on average.

Product information "HiPP Anti-Reflux Special Milk Formula - All Stages"

If your baby is having ongoing issues with spit-up, acid reflux, or regurgitation, HiPP Anti-Reflux Formula might be just what you’ve been looking for! Suitable from birth onwards for infants of all ages, including older babies who have begun eating solid foods, this gentle, nutritionally-complete formula is made with a base of skimmed milk. It also contains whey, vegetable oils, lactose, and starch. 

To make this creamy formula even easier for your baby to keep down after feeding, HiPP Anti-Reflux contains locust bean gum (also known as carob bean gum), which naturally thickens the formula in the bottle and prevents regurgitation. 


   HiPP AR is perfect for babies with reflux or spit up
   Includes locust bean gum for a creamy product that's easier for your little one to keep down
   Supports learning and cognitive function
   Chemical-free agriculture and manufacturing
   No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors
   Milk from grass-fed German cows 
   Essential vitamins and nutrients
   No starch

HiPP Anti-Reflux infant milk formula contains both prebiotics and probiotics, in order to strengthen your baby’s gut microbiome and immune system. The prebiotics are galacto-oligosaccharides derived from lactose, and the probiotics are lactic acid bacteria cultures similar to those found in breast milk. HiPP Anti-Reflux also contains omega- and omega-6 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (including DHA and AA), which are thought to contribute to the healthy development of the brain, eyes, and nervous system in infants.   


   Your baby is having issues with spit-up or acid reflux
   You want a nutritionally complete formula with probiotics  
   You want a formula that isn't highly processed 

In contrast to the highly-processed baby formulas manufactured in the United States, HiPP Anti-Reflux does not contain any GMO ingredients, refined sugars, or corn syrup. You’ll never find synthetic nutrients or preservatives in any of the HiPP formulas we stock - just high-quality ingredients that will help your baby to grow and thrive.  

The HiPP brand has been an innovation leader in baby food and organic, ecological business practices for over 100 years. Founded in Germany in 1899, HiPP partners with thousands of organic farms in Europe. HiPP goes above and beyond to ensure their formulas are of the highest organic quality, analyzing all ingredients for traces of over 1,000 substances and going far beyond legal requirements for organic.


   From birth onwards
   21.16oz (600g) 
   90% of parents say their baby sleeps better with EU formula 
   1 box ≈ 46 meals  
   Should make approximately 130 fl oz of prepared formula 
   83% of parents in the U.S. will turn to formula 

HiPP Anti-reflux is designed for little ones from birth upwards who suffer from reflux or regurgitation. It’s thickened with natural carob bean gum, which helps the formula stay in your baby’s tummy, reducing vomiting after feeds and helping your baby get all the nutritional goodness they need to grow healthy. What more could a growing baby ask for?


Baby Age: 0-6 Months - Newborn Formula, 6-10 Months (Follow-On Formula), 10-36 Months (Toddler Formula)
Cow or Goat Milk Formula: Cow Milk Formula
Formula Brand: HiPP, No Preference


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If your baby has a bad reaction to a formula you've purchased from OBF24, we will do everything we can to help you find the right option for your little one. Our team of formula experts will work with you to determine the formula that best meets your baby's needs. We encourage our customers to get in touch with us if they need assistance. 
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Acid Reflux in babies it's a lot more common and not nearly as scary. All of them will have some. If it's severe or frequent, get HiPP Acid Reflux formula to make it easier on the baby's stomach. 
HiPP makes their acid reflux formula to be super easy on sensitive tummies: 
  1. Skim milk and whey proteins are very easy to digest. 
  2. Locust bean gum is added as fiber to aid digestion. 
  3. No peanut, soy, wheat, GMOs, egg by-products, sugar, or non-organic ingredients. 
  4. Complete nutrition profile delivered in a gentle formulation. 
  5. Lactic acid, similar to breast milk, is added.

Hipp Anti-Reflux is best for babies from birth onwards who suffer from reflux or regurgitation, either to supplement breast milk or completely replace it. That usually means they frequently vomit after feeds and can often be more unsettled than other babies. Made with pure skim milk from pasture-raised German cows, it’s thickened with natural carob bean to help it settle better in your baby’s tummy and reduce vomiting and pain from acid reflux.

Sure! HiPP Anti-reflux is specifically formulated for sensitive tummies prone to reflux and vomiting. It’s made with pure organic cow’s milk combined with natural carob bean to thicken the milk and make it easier for little ones to keep down. It’s also free of hard-to-digest additives such as soy, corn syrup, and starch.

Yes! HiPP Anti-reflux is made with pure organic skim milk and provides the perfect balance of nutrients for your baby’s brain development. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (DHA, ARA, and ALA) that are proven to support the growth of healthy brains and nervous systems, along with essential vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B-complex.

Yes! HiPP Anti-reflux is designed to help reduce reflux and vomiting, so that babies can get the full nutritional benefit of all their feeds. It contains vital vitamins that support the development of a strong and healthy immune system, including vitamins A, C, D, K, E and B-complex, and a perfect balance of carbs, proteins and fats. At the same time, electrolytes guard against dehydration: one of the leading causes of weakened immunity. HiPP is also free of added sugars, which are proven to damage the immune system.

No! All our HiPP Formulas do not contain maltodextrin, corn syrup or any other artificial sweeteners. Instead, it provides energy and carbs through natural lactose, just like real breast milk.

We recommend buying our Starter Kits which are specially made to provide you with formula supply for approx. two months. 
In general, babies eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full. Appetites vary among babies, and each baby's nutritional needs change from day to day and month to month. If you follow the feeding charts printed on each box and check in regularly with your baby's doctor, your baby will likely be on track. A lot depends on your baby’s appetite, but following numbers will give us a benchmark. On average, babies will need 2.5 ounces of formula per pound per day. So that average 8-pound newborn will need about 20 ounces of formula per day.

This is an extremely important question. If you do not follow the instructions correctly, you could possibly cause harm to your baby. But don't worry, the preparation of the formula is simple and quick. 

  1. Clean bottle, teat and ring in boiling water for 3 - 5 minutes before use. 
  2. Boil water freshly before each meal and allow to cool down to about 50°C / 122°F Fill approximately half of the boiled water into the cleaned bottle. 
  3. Use the measuring spoon provided and according to the instructions, add the correct number of scoops. Each spoon should be filled flat and not heaping. 
  4. Close the bottle tightly shake until all the powder has completely dissolved. Add remaining water and shake lightly again until the solution is evenly distributed and diluted. 
  5. Allow to cool down (hold the bottle under cold running water or in the refrigerator) to approximately 37°C / 98.6°F before feeding. To prevent burns, test the formula on your forearm to ensure that it is not too hot. Feed immediately. 

Extra Tips: 
  • Only use the scoop provided in the pack. 
  • Do not make feeds weaker or stronger than indicated by adding extra water/scoops, and do not add anything else to milk feeds. 
  • For hygiene, always freshly prepare feeds and do not prepare in advance. Use feeds immediately, and discard leftovers at the end of the feed. 
  • Bottles at room temperature should be used within 2 hours. Bottles in a cooler with ice or a cold pack should be used within 4 hours. Bottles in the fridge should be used within 24 hours. 
  • Do not heat feed in a microwave as hot spots may occur which could cause scalding. - All open formulas should be used within 21 days. All sealed formulas should be used by the expiration date on the box.

Yes. As a child grows and changes, so do his nutritional requirements. To ensure your baby is getting all of the nutrients he needs to grow and thrive, we recommend you use the stage of formula that corresponds with his age. European Formula manufacturers have spent many years perfecting formulations to ensure every stage of your baby’s dietary needs is met.

Babies aren’t exactly the quietest bunch when they’re hungry, and we want to get their food to them fast! Therefore, our products are coming fresh from Europe straight to your door within an average of 3 business days.

All packages are prepared in Germany and sent out to their destination countries. Delivery costs, therefore, vary according to your country: 
  • Canada & USA = $35
  • All other international shipments: $55

We source baby formulas directly from the manufacturers rather than third-party suppliers, so counterfeit products are impossible. All of our formulas are shipped directly from Germany. They are stored in our climate-controlled warehouses until a customer places an order, so we have oversight of the product throughout the distribution process. 

All of our customers must receive baby formula in completely intact packaging. If, for some reason, your purchase arrives and appears damaged in any way, please let us know and send us a picture. We are really serious about ensuring that our customers receive their baby formula on time and never have to worry about verifying the authenticity of the product or checking up on its quality.  

We are a parents-founded and operated organic food company based in Germany. In 2011, we started our Idea in a dormitory in Hannover, and step-by-step, we grew our business into what it is today. In addition to OBF24's move from a small dormitory to a new warehouse and its physical expansion, our ideas, employees, and experiences have grown as well. 

We have more than 11 years of experience under our belts, thousands of excellent reviews, tens of thousands of orders that have been punctually shipped without incidents to our increasingly growing customer base. 

OBF24 would not be here today without the continued support of our community. We look forward to bringing you healthy, high-quality Organic Formula from Europe that fits your family's needs for years to come :)


The HiPP brand has been an innovation leader in baby food and organic, ecological business practices for over 100 years. Founded in Germany in 1899, HiPP today partners with thousands of organic farms in Europe. HiPP goes above and beyond to ensure their formulas are of the highest organic quality, analyzing all ingredients for traces of over 1,000 substances and going far beyond legal requirements for organic. HiPP’s stringent quality control process (they carry out over 260 tests on each product) means you can always trust HiPP with your little one’s nutrition. Unlike other formula brands, HiPP only does organic, and their rigorous standards are applied across every single HiPP product on the market. 

All Hipp products are produced with animal welfare and world resources in mind. 

HiPP takes sustainability seriously, working closely with environmental and ecological organizations, and running on an environmental management system that minimizes water and energy consumption and ensures 97% of their factory waste is recycled. Today, HiPP’s factories across Germany, Austria, and Hungary are completely carbon neutral even though production has doubled and the company’s product range has expanded to over 260 different products. 

HiPP is the leader in quality and sustainability.  

With this level of commitment, it’s no surprise that HiPP baby formulas are the most nutritionally complete in the world. HiPP formulas always are based on lactose from organic skim milk, contain added whey to more closely resemble breast milk protein composition, typically include prebiotics and probiotics, and are free of soy or synthetic nutrients. Hipp organic formulas also contain the right amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for proper growth, without adding synthetic “nutrients” other formula companies add. 

With your child’s health and cognitive development in mind, Hipp includes omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from fish oil and vegetable sources. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids turn into the much-acclaimed DHA and ARA in the body. Therefore, Hipp has chosen to include these safe omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to protect your child from the harmful side effects of hexane and algae and fungal exposure found in most DHA and ARA additives.

Their products are sold all over the globe because of this quality. HiPP baby formulas are exactly what loving parents want for their child: great nutrition they can trust.


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4.7 out of 5 stars






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Nicole C.

22 May 2024 23:37

Love it!

My baby was spitting up with a different formula and I switched her to the Hipp Anti-reflux, what a world of difference! She stopped spitting up and when she sees her bottle she gets excited. This formula is amazing!

Marian C.

11 December 2023 16:15

Love love love this company and formula.

Love love love this company and formula. I will never buy from anywhere else! This brand is so much cleaner than anything I was buying in the states. It has worked wonders for my baby. He struggled with reflux early on, which was causing problems for him gaining weight, so the HIPP AR was a life saver. Four months later and he is a happy, chunky man. The formula is always shipped very fast and is at my doorstep within a matter of days all the way from Germany to PA. Highly recommend!

Ani S.

7 September 2023 17:00

my daughter has no mor reflux. thank

my daughter has no mor reflux. thank you so much

Monica H.

6 July 2023 07:25

Yes my grandson loves the formula!

Yes my grandson loves the formula! And yes it’s the best formula compared to other formula. OBF24 is a great service and always on time!

Anik B.

6 April 2023 00:32

My baby no longer arches her back

My baby no longer arches her back from reflux. She also no longer spits up. I tried lots of different American gentle formulas. This one finally works. Plus it's organic.

Deborah S.

21 March 2023 19:45

Very happy mama

Package arrived promptly. Baby is eating well, and his reflux has settled after just a couple feedings. Very happy mama here!

Daniela L.

12 March 2023 22:50

Helped redux his reflux significantly. Much happier

Helped redux his reflux significantly. Much happier eater!

Amber M.

22 February 2023 18:39

Nice and thick. Great taste.

Nice and thick. Great taste.

Elizabeth D.

3 February 2023 15:19

Works great for us

Works great for us

Brandon A.

26 January 2023 03:49

very good.

very good.


HiPP Baby Formula is a beacon of quality and health for new parents seeking the perfect infant nutrition solution. With a century-long commitment to 100% organic excellence and a dedication to using only the finest natural ingredients, HiPP ensures your baby receives the best possible start in life. Their sustainability efforts and tailored formulas for various developmental stages demonstrate a brand that cares about your child's well-being and the environment. 

By choosing HiPP, you're making an informed and responsible choice for your family's future. Your baby deserves nothing less than the excellence HiPP delivers.

HiPP Formula: A Journey Through Time

The HiPP company boasts a rich history that traces back to Joseph HiPP's marriage and Maria Ostermayer's marriage in 1897. Their twins faced malnutrition, inspiring Joseph HiPP to create a groundbreaking milk formula enriched with rusk flour. This innovation saved their lives and laid the foundation for HiPP's commitment to producing top-notch organic foods promoting health.

Over the years, HiPP evolved into the world's largest processor of organic-biological raw materials, staying true to its founding principle of delivering quality organic foods that benefit both people and the environment. Today, HiPP Formula remains a beloved choice among parents, thanks to its unmatched quality and nutritional value.

Why Opt for HiPP Baby Formula

  • 100% Organic Excellence

HiPP formulas stand out for numerous reasons, beginning with their use of milk sourced from cows raised on organic farms. These cows graze on organic feed and hay, free from hormones or antibiotics. HiPP's milk surpasses the most stringent quality checks, ensuring only the finest organic milk nourishes your baby. This commitment to excellence guarantees that HiPP organic baby formula ranks among the highest quality choices available.

  • Unparalleled Ingredients

HiPP baby formula's superiority lies in its all-natural, high-quality ingredients. HiPP upholds an unwavering commitment to using only the finest components, setting it apart from competitors. Notably, HiPP's formulas contain no chemical or synthetic pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, or artificial additives.

These premium ingredients guarantee that your child receives optimal nutrition, giving them the best possible start in life.

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Brand

HiPP has long been a pioneer in sustainable and environmentally responsible production. Their organic ingredients and focus on renewable resources position them as one of the world's most sustainable brands.

HiPP actively reduces packaging waste and resource consumption. All new packaging must surpass previous ecological standards, and recycled materials feature prominently. Additionally, they've introduced cartons made from sustainably managed forests.

Beyond production, HiPP educates consumers about sustainable living, demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility. By choosing HiPP products, you support a brand devoted to preserving our planet.

Unveiling HiPP Formula's Nutritional Wonders

A baby's growth hinges on receiving the right nutrients, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. HiPP Formula emerges as a top choice for parents as it delivers all essential nutrients for proper growth and development.

HiPP Formula, a dairy-based gem, caters to infants from birth to toddlerhood. Fortified with vital vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, and calcium, it also incorporates prebiotics and probiotics to nurture a healthy gut flora.

This formula's ease of digestion makes it ideal for babies with gastrointestinal challenges. Furthermore, its low allergen content accommodates infants with food allergies or sensitivities. If you seek a high-quality infant formula addressing all your child's nutritional needs, HiPP Formula stands ready.

A Closer Look at the Nutritional Composition of HiPP Formula

Let's delve deeper into the comprehensive nutritional profile of HiPP Formula, a formula designed with meticulous care to ensure your baby's health and development.

  • Proteins 

Vital for your infant's brain and tissue growth, HiPP's unique protein blend mirrors the composition of breastmilk. While cow's milk contains a higher ratio of casein to whey protein, HiPP's formula is skillfully balanced to mimic breastmilk, prioritizing the importance of whey protein for optimal development.

  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates play a pivotal role in your baby's diet. Lactose, naturally found in breastmilk, is the healthiest carbohydrate source for infants. While the United States lacks a specific standard for lactose content in infant formula, Europe mandates that 30% of formula carbohydrates be sourced from lactose. This is because lactose not only aids nutrient absorption but also fosters a healthy gut environment. By selecting HiPP Formula with lactose as the primary carbohydrate source, you're ensuring your baby receives the crucial nutrients they need.

  • Fats

Fats are essential for energy and growth. However, not all fats are created equal. HiPP's formula is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids (ARA & DHA), renowned for their multitude of health benefits. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid) are essential nutrients that support various aspects of growth and development. Numerous studies have highlighted their contributions to visual acuity, cognitive function, and immune system health. The European Union has even mandated their inclusion in infant formulas. Unfortunately, such a requirement does not exist for US formulas. HiPP's commitment to rich Omega-3 content derived from organic vegetable and fish oils ensures your baby receives these crucial nutrients vital for their growth and development.

  • Prebiotics & Probiotics 

HiPP Formula goes the extra mile by incorporating both prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, aiding digestion and bolstering the immune system. They're particularly vital for infants with digestive issues. Probiotics, on the other hand, consist of live microorganisms that also support gut health by occupying microbiological niches and excluding harmful pathogens. This proactive approach to gut health means your baby's tummy stays happy and healthy with HiPP's comprehensive formula.

  • Vitamins And Minerals

To ensure your child receives their daily recommended intake of essential vitamins and minerals, HiPP Organic milk formula fortifies its products with a range of vital nutrients. This includes vitamin A for healthy vision, vitamin D for efficient calcium absorption, a suite of B vitamins, folate (folic acid), calcium, iron, and zinc to fuel growth and support various aspects of development. These nutrients are the building blocks of your child's health, and HiPP ensures they're included to promote optimal growth and development.

In essence, HiPP Formula isn't just a choice; it's a carefully curated blend of essential nutrients that mirrors the best nature has to offer. By selecting HiPP, you're providing your baby with the most comprehensive nutritional foundation for their health and future success.

What's Absent in HiPP Baby Formula

  1. GMOs: No genetically modified organisms lurk in HiPP's formula.
  2. Synthetic Ingredients: HiPP embraces natural ingredients, steering clear of chemical alterations.
  3. Added Sugar: Your baby's digestive system remains safe from added sugars, as HiPP's formula contains only lactose.
  4. Gluten: Gluten-free, HiPP Formula caters to gluten-intolerant infants.
  5. Soy: Soy-free, it suits babies with soy sensitivities.
  6. Artificial Colors and Flavors: HiPP ensures pure, chemical-free nutrition for your child.

Tailored Nutrient Formulations for Growing Babies

Babies undergo rapid changes in their first year of life, and with these changes come evolving nutritional requirements. While conventional US baby formulas often provide a uniform nutrient profile regardless of age, HiPP distinguishes itself by offering specialized formulas for each developmental stage. HiPP recognizes that infants aged 0-6 months, those aged 6-12 months, and toddlers have distinct nutritional needs.

  • Nurturing Newborns: 0-6 Month Formulas

Newborns possess underdeveloped digestive systems, necessitating a unique formula that facilitates easier digestion. HiPP's 0-6 month formulas is thoughtfully crafted to meet the specific demands of this delicate phase, ensuring that your baby receives the essential nutrients tailored to their age.

  • Supporting Growth: 6-12 Month Formulas

As babies transition to solid foods, their nutritional requirements evolve. HiPP's 6-12 month formulas is meticulously designed to align with the changing needs of growing infants. This stage-specific formula provides the essential nutrients vital for their continued development.

  • Fueling Toddlerhood: 12+ Month Formulas

Toddlers aged 12 months and beyond have distinct nutritional needs, reflective of their advancing growth and development. HiPP's stage 3 formula, designed for toddlers, caters to these specific requirements, ensuring that your child receives the right nutrients to thrive during this critical stage.

HiPP Anti-Reflux Formula

A denser formula crafted to assist newborns and infants experiencing acid reflux and regurgitation challenges. This formula is suitable for use right from birth and provides comprehensive nutrition, closely resembling breast milk. It is important to use HiPP Anti-Reflux Formula under the guidance of a medical professional for your baby's well-being.

HiPP Comfort Formula

If your little one is facing gastrointestinal challenges like colic or constipation, HiPP Comfort Formula could be the ideal remedy. This distinctive formula boasts a thicker texture, ensuring your child stays satisfied while relieving tummy woes. What's more, it contains less lactose compared to other HiPP products, promoting easier digestion. Furthermore, this special blend aids in softening stool and minimizing gas discomfort. If you're searching for a formula that can provide comfort to your child during their digestive struggles, HiPP Comfort Formula stands out as an excellent choice.


Navigating the journey of early parenthood is enriched with the reassuring support of HiPP's organic formulas. With HiPP, you are not just choosing a product; you are embracing a legacy of unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of your child and nature. Offering a range of meticulously crafted formulas that echo the complex nutritional profile of breast milk, HiPP stands as a beacon of trust and quality. As you watch your little one flourish, find comfort in the knowledge that you're fostering their growth with the purest, nutrient-dense start.

Make the choice for a healthy, happy, and harmonious beginning with HiPP Formulas, where every baby’s flourishing journey is a testimony to nature's perfection in a bottle.

HiPP formula is considered better by many parents and experts due to its unwavering commitment to organic practices, extensive ingredient analysis, and dedication to sustainability. Its composition is designed to provide holistic nourishment while minimizing synthetic additives.

Absolutely, HiPP formula is designed to be as close to breast milk as possible. Its formulation mirrors the natural nutrients found in breast milk, ensuring that babies receive optimal nutrition.

HiPP formula stands out due to its unparalleled commitment to organic quality and sustainability. It undergoes rigorous ingredient analysis, closely resembling breast milk in composition while providing essential nutrients for infant development. 

No, the HiPP formula has never been recalled. HiPP is a reputable brand that considers quality control and safety extremely seriously. They undergo comprehensive testing and quality checks to ensure their goods meet the highest standards.

Yes, many parents have found that HiPP formula is beneficial for gassy babies. Its gentle and organic composition, along with the inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics, can help alleviate gassiness and discomfort.

HiPP formula has been praised by many parents for its positive impact on colicky babies. Its gentle and organic nature, combined with its balanced nutrient profile, can often help reduce colic symptoms. However, individual experiences may vary, so consulting with a healthcare professional is advised.

Yes, HiPP formula is known for its easy digestibility. The carefully selected ingredients, organic components, and added prebiotics and probiotics contribute to a formula that is gentle on babies' stomachs.

HiPP has been a pioneer in the baby food industry for over 100 years, known for its innovative practices, organic sourcing, and dedication to sustainability.

Due to the more stringent laws and standards established in Europe, European baby formula is frequently thought to be of superior quality to American baby formula. Several toxic compounds and preservatives included in American formulas are absent from European formulations commonly manufactured from premium, organic components.

One hour after preparation, HiPP formula must be consumed. Any formula not used within this period must be thrown away.

Here are the general steps for preparing the HiPP formula: 

  1. Wash your hands and sterilize all the equipment you will be using, including the bottle, nipple, and utensils. 
  2. Boil fresh water and let it cool. 
  3. Pour the desired amount of water into the bottle. 
  4. Add the correct amount of Holle formula powder to the bottle according to the instructions on the packaging. 
  5. Close the bottle and shake it well until the powder is completely dissolved. 
  6. Before giving the formula to your infant, test its temperature on your wrist.

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Sign up below and receive a coupon code for 2 extra boxes of formula for free! *For new customers only


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Holle Organic Baby Spelt Biscuit

Content: 150 Cans ($6.64 / 100.00 Cans)

$9.96 $14.99 (33.56% saved)
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Holle Organic Baby Weaning Oil

$14.96 $19.99 (25.16% saved)
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Holle Organic Fruit Bar Apple & Banana

Content: 25 Cans ($9.96 / 100.00 Cans)

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Holle Organic Junior Muesli Multigrain with Cornflakes

Content: 250 Cans ($3.98 / 100.00 Cans)

$9.96 $14.99 (33.56% saved)
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Holle Organic Junior Muesli Multigrain with Fruit

Content: 250 Cans ($3.98 / 100.00 Cans)

$9.96 $14.99 (33.56% saved)
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Holle Organic Milk Cereal with Banana

Content: 250 Cans ($3.98 / 100.00 Cans)

$9.96 $14.99 (33.56% saved)
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Holle Organic Millet Porridge

Content: 250 Cans ($3.98 / 100.00 Cans)

$9.96 $14.99 (33.56% saved)
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Holle Organic Rolled Oats Porridge

Content: 250 Cans ($3.98 / 100.00 Cans)

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HiPP Baby Gentle Milk Lotion

$19.99 $24.99 (20.01% saved)
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HiPP Baby Gentle Nursing Bath

$19.99 $24.99 (20.01% saved)
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HiPP Baby Gentle Nursing Oil

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HiPP Baby Gentle Shampoo

$19.95 $24.99 (20.17% saved)
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Lavera Baby & Kinder - Nappy Cream

$14.95 $19.99 (25.21% saved)