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18x Holle Cereal & Porridge Best Seller Kit

A perfect collection of the most requested organic Cereals and Porridges from Holle for babies after the 4th month. 

Only carefully selected grains are used for the Holle Organic Cereals and Porridges.


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A perfect collection of the most requested organic Cereals and Porridges from Holle for babies after the 4th month. Only carefully selected grains are used for the Holle Organic Cereals and Porridges. The porridges offer you different preparation options for the varied nutrition of your child. The Holle Organic Cereals and Porridges can be prepared quickly and simply as porridge in combination with fresh milk or as a dairy-free fruit or cereal porridge. Instead of fresh milk, the milk porridge may also be prepared in combination with breast milk or Holle Organic Infant Formula. 

  • After the 4th month
  • 18 boxes 
  • For approx. 180 meals
  • No GMO‘s 
  • No pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, no chemical madness 
  • English instructions
  • Fresh new batch, around 1 year expiration

  • 6x Holle Baby Porridge Rice Flakes (after the 4th month)
  • 6x Holle Rolled Oats Porridge (after the 4th month)
  • 6x Holle Millet Porridge (after the 4th month) 


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Since the very beginning, over 75 years ago, Holle has focused on naturalness and the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers is strictly prohibited without any compromises. Today they are still using only raw ingredients grown to biodynamic or organic standards (Demeter) for their premium organic baby food. This is the basis for the exceptional quality of Holle baby food. Healthy and happy cows can graze on lush fields and pastures - free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 

Holle is one of the world’s leading baby food brands.

Holle uses only the best ingredients in their cow and goat milk organic formulas. Starting with well-cared-for animals that pasture on lush biodynamic fields, Holle forms the base of their formula with the best milk available. After gentle processing to make the milk suitable for your baby's digestive system, Holle adds oils that contain essential fatty acids, organic maltodextrin, and starch to make the formula creamy and sustaining and all the vitamins and minerals that will make your baby strong and healthy. They never use added sugars, chemicals, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. All of their ingredients are organic and GMO-free.  

Only strictly regulated partners are able to use the Demeter label.  

These regulations are set by the Demeter Society, whose criteria extend far beyond the standard Organic Farming certification. From growing to processing, all stages of production are checked - without any compromises. Foods that carry the Demeter label have been grown to strict biodynamic standards - in harmony with nature. Whether soil, seeds, plants, animals or humans - each element in the agricultural system has its own uniquely important role. Each element supports and strengthens the others and creates a farm that is a natural and self-contained living organism.  

The use of chemical and synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and GM technology is strictly prohibited in Demeter agriculture, as is the addition of questionable ingredients during processing. Grown in harmony with nature, Demeter-certified grains are full of flavor and vitality. Holle only uses whole grains for their porridges. This makes sure your baby gets the most goodness from every mouthful. Holle cooks the grain using the very gentlest of methods and then finely ground them so every Holle porridge can be easily digested by young babies.  

Quality through animal husbandry in a way that is natural to the species.  

Animal husbandry in a natural way to each species affects the composition of the cow's milk. It contains quite a lot of vitamin E and beta carotene. There is a high proportion of valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the fat. The taste of Organic Milk is delicious and harmonious due to the proportion of herbs in the feed. 

Holle formula is sold all over the world because the quality is up there with the finest on the planet. In short, if you're looking for the best food to feed your baby for the first few years of life, Holle is one of the few companies you can count on.

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Elizabeth O.

February 24, 2023 00:35

I love the quality and freshness of

I love the quality and freshness of these cereal. I also love the peace of mind that I have giving it to my LO

Shanna Thomas

September 10, 2021 14:51

I started my baby on ric...

I started my baby on rice cereal and as expected my infant took well to it. I ordered this bundle because it includes the rice cereal as a bundle and also I'd like to try the other two cereals because I think my baby would like those as well.

Hyemin P.

January 2, 2021 15:33

Very tasty assosrtment! M...

Very tasty assosrtment! My daughter loves all the flavor. We also have been adding it to pureed vegetables and meat.

Hyemin P.

November 10, 2020 19:14

The best seller kit conta...

The best seller kit contains several different types and my 8 months old daughter likes them all. I really appreciate super fast delivery!

Anne Smart

August 2, 2020 12:45

Our growing baby loves tr...

Our growing baby loves trying new tastes. We are just starting cereal! I recommend this brand to all!

zaven k.

February 12, 2018 07:40

I highly recommend this ...

I highly recommend this product!


January 20, 2018 05:09

Our baby loves the rice f...

Our baby loves the rice flake cereal. The stuff from Canada has so much added sugar and makes her gag and vomit

Marina D.

December 29, 2017 13:33

Great product!...

Great product!

Emilija R.

May 29, 2017 15:50

Its great....

Its great.

Krista Johnson

February 23, 2017 17:10

We Love It!!

I love the formula & my baby loves the formula. Shipping was super fast as well.