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About European Organic Formulas

I’ve heard Similac is the best formula and my doctor even recommended it. Why would I buy European Organic Formula over Similac?


Similac and most American Formulas does not contain any organic ingredients, which means these formulas are loaded with pesticides and GMO’s which have not been proven safe for human consumption.

The first ingredient in Similac is corn syrup. In other words highly processed genetically modified sugar. Similac has enabled babies to be addicted to sugar from day 1. 


European Organic Formulas are produced without using any toxic substances. The ingredients are safe and natural, nutritious and whole. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, no GMO's, no added sugar!


Your prices are much better than anywhere else on the web. How is that possible?


Because we are shipping directly from Germany - where the organic formulas are made. We are a established german organic food company with a big warehouse and a perfect network of formula manufacturers.

As a result, we are immediately informed of any recalls or potential issues with the formula and we always ship the freshest batch available on marked.


We are right at the source of supply so we can offer prices up to 60% cheaper than anywhere else on the web.


The biggest concern when purchasing European formula is finding a trustworthy and reliable vendor. Why should I trust you?


Because we fulfill the Trusted Shops quality criteria (You can view the certificate here). Compliance with the criteria is continuously audited by experts. The audit covers areas such as data protection, costs and payment, delivery terms, returns processing and customer service.

You can protect your purchase up to an amount of EUR 2,500 against the loss of your payment in the event of non-delivery or after the return of the goods.


Do European Organic Formulas contain DHA & ARA oils? Are they really important for brain and eye tissue development?


DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid and ARA is an omega-6 fatty acid. DHA is a component of brain and eye tissue development. But the DHA and ARA added to most American Formula is not identical in structure to the fatty acids found in breastmilk. Instead, it is typically extracted using hexane from factory-produced mortierella alpina – a strain of algae that has never been part of the human diet.

When asked to comment on DHA and ARA in infant formula, Dr. Frank Greer, the chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics committee on nutrition, has said: “The truth of the matter is, they’re not essential. Humans can synthesize these. Fatty acids are naturally present in the diet. And the whole issue becomes, do you really make people smarter if you put DHA and ARA in everything? Or is this just all marketing hype? Personally, I lean toward the latter.”


Why are European Organic Formulas better than other formulas? Do they contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients?


Our organic formula is made from grass fed cow’s milk. These cows are not treated with hormones/antibiotics and live a carefree life which aids in healthier milk production. European formulas does not contain harmful ingredients found in most brands of baby formula in America. They does not contain added fluoride, corn/rice syrup, chemical addictive’s, GMOs, added sugars, DHA/ARA, preservatives, added colors and soya.

Demeter or Bioland are leading associations for organic farming in Germany. Only strictly regulated partners are able to use the Demeter label.



Is it really necessary to boil the water?


It is important to understand that boiling the water has nothing to do with the quality of the water you are using to make the formula. Boiling the water makes the formula safe - by killing bacteria and other contaminants that can be potentially harmful to your baby.


How many servings are in one box?


That depends on the brand and the formula stage. Here are some examples:

HiPP First Infant Formula 1: approx. 150oz mixed formula.

Lebenswert Infant Formula 1: approx. 130oz mixed formula.

Holle Organic Infant Formula Stage 1: approx. 90oz mixed formula


When will the formula expire?


We always ship the freshest batch available on marked with around 1 year expiration. Please know that the expiration dates are written as follows: dd/mm/yyyy.


How soon after I open the formula does it need to be discarded?


Holle and Lebenswert bio recommends discarding the unused formula after two weeks. HiPP recommends discarding unused formula after three weeks.


How do I prepare the formula?

The preparation of the formula is simple and quick. The milk powder has to be mixed and shaken with boiled water.


Step 1: For e­cient cleaning, boil the bottle, teat and ring for 3-5 minutes before use.

Step 2: Boil water and let it cool down to about 122°F.

Step 3: After that fill approximately half of the water into the bottle.

Step 4: Loose fill the measuring spoon, smooth out with the knifes back and add to the water (see meals table for quantity on the back page).

Step 5: Shake well. Add remaining water and shake vigorously again.

Step 6: After the meal cooled down to about 100°F it is ready to be feed.


Please note:

• Carefully check the usage instructions for the preparation

• Use only the enclosed measuring spoon

• Incorrect preparation can lead to health problems

• Always prepare fresh food. Do not reuse food leftovers

• Do not heat in the microwave: Danger of overheating


What is the difference between Infant Formula and Follow-On Formula?


The primary difference between our Infant Formula and Follow-On Formula is the balance of milk proteins. Both formulas have whey and casein proteins but in different proportions.


About Shipping

When will I receive my order?


We know receiving your shipment in a timely manner is important to you because hungry babies can’t wait! Therefore, your order will ship out same or next business day to make the shortest delivery times possible.




Standard Shipping (Fast and Reliable): 

Your parcel has priority when leaving Germany via airport and will be processed by your local courier company with priority too. Depending on your location, it will take approx. 10-15 business days to be delivered.  




Airmail Express USA

Your order has priority when leaving Germany via airport and will be processed by DHL Express. You can receive up-to-date shipment information by email or SMS. Super fast delivery within 1-3 business days! 




Climate Neutral Shipping (Environmentally Friendly): 

You are making a sustainable contribution towards climate protection. Depending on your location, it will take approx. 3 weeks to be delivered. 100% climate neutral!





We do our best to make the shortest delivery times possible but because of customs authorities or your local courier company, in very exceptional cases delivery time might take longer. This shipping times are based on our experiences and can't be guaranteed.   


How much does the shipping cost?


It depends on the weight of your order and the chosen shipping method. Just put your item in the shopping cart and you'll see the shipping charges.


Nobody loves to pay shipping cost, therefore we created a coupon code for you to receive $10 off your shipping cost! Use discount code SHP10 when you check out and save.


Do I have to pay import duty?


Generally there is no import duty to be paid. Only in exceptional cases we heard from some customers in Canada that they had to pay an extra fee when they choose "Canada Airmail Express" shipping method.


Whats about tracking information?


You will get a mail with your tracking information from our packaging division after your order has left the warehouse. You can track your parcel here: German DHL tracking

For more detailed information you can track your parcels also here: US buyers via USPS and Canadian buyers via Canada Post.


Is the formula x-rayed or irradiated? If so, should I be worried?


We always mark your parcel with a label to not irradiate because of organic baby food. However none of the formula is exposed to irradiation. We highly recommend reading this article to customers who are concerned about potential exposure.


How do I contact you if I have questions with shipping?


If you have any questions with the tracking or shipping please feel free to contact us or simply answer one of our mails or send your request to service@organicbabyfood24.com

Our service team will respond very soon to assist you: without any complications and whenever you need us


☎ 1-800-701-4303 

Toll Free Service Phone for USA and Canada 


The tracking status has not changed for a couple days. Is that normal?


Yes, that is could happen. But no need to worry, your parcel already left Europe and is probably at destination countries customs. Our experience has shown that it quickly goes on after this days of no scanning.

If you have any questions with your shipping please feel free to contact us, our service team is always there to assist you.

☎ 1-800-701-4303

Toll Free Service Phone for USA and Canada 


Place an order

Can I receive samples of your formula?


Of course - we attach to every order a great mix of free organic formula or cereals samples.


Are there any discounts you offer?


Yes, we always have some Starter Kits with big discount. We also offer a discount for recommending a friend. For a successful recommendation, you and your friend will receive a discount of $20!

Or subscribe to our newsletter. You will no longer miss any of our special offers, trends or news. We will send you a mail with a $10 coupon code.


What forms of payment do you accept?


Depending on your location we accept:

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Prepayment with PayPal



I have a coupon code. Where can I redeem it?


At the first step of checkout is a field to type in your coupon code. But dont worry if you forgot it - our service team will assist and refund you if it's possible.


I have placed an order, what's happening next?


You will immediately get a confirmation mail to check your order. If something were gone wrong, symply answer our confirmation mail and our service team will respond to assist you very soon.

Usually your order will ship out same or next working day and you will get an mail with your tracking number.



What is Prepayment with PayPal?


Simply pay with your PayPal account and receive the goods quickly and easily. After you have finished your order, please log in to your PayPal account and send the amount to: service@organicbabyfood24.com.

Please do not forget to tell us your order number.  



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What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing that rewards you for each sale that refer to our store. When you sign up for our Affiliate Program we'll give you a special link to this shop that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet – however you choose!

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Why should I sign up?


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How are sales tracked?


Sales are tracked using unique links generated by the affiliate software. The customer has a predetermined amount of time (30 days) after their last click on your link(s) for purchases to be eligible for commission.


How much commission will I earn?


Commission earnings vary based on many factors including number of promotional links, your website traffic, user buying habits, and more.

You can earn up to 15% commission!


What is the Rewards Program?


For every friend who makes a purchase, you will automatically receive a discount of 10% OFF on your next purchase. Your friend willreceive the same discount on his order. As soon as your friend will place an order, your and his personal discount will be automatically activated.

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How do I solve my 10% discount?


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